Thursday, April 6, 2017


     I like to travel light, so not much survives a move. I've recently purged my entire paper book library. In this age of the e-book, who wants to lug around a thousand pounds of books wherever he goes? I had read all of my books already and I wasn't about to re-read them. I simply couldn't. It's such a quaint, archaic notion to open a book and read, isn't it? Difficult, too -- especially the big fat ones. I can't believe we ever did it.
     That's why it's so surprising that I still have in my possession two of my oldest books. Are they prize possessions? No, not really. They're just old and -- okay, I'll admit it -- I have a bit of soft spot for them.
     Hearken back with me now to Christmas eve, 1974. I loved these books when I got them and, okay, I love them still.

Sherlock has lost his dust jacket. I say! And Bram's is looking a little threadbare.
Maybe the only truly frightening horror story I've ever read.
The childish scrawl of a 14-year-old. Not much has changed -- except I type now.
"Left Munich at 8:35..." What a great way to start a journey!
These stories are now on my Kindle.
Who doesn't love Sherlock?
     It's a little sad, I guess, this passing of paper books. But seriously, my Kindle, weighing ounces, contains my entire former library weighing tons. They're easier to read and, for the kind of books I like, cheaper, too. Even in '74, these books cost $3.95 apiece. I replaced them both on my Kindle for $0.00.
     The book is dead. Long live the book!


  1. I do so heartily agree that the Kindle is by far superior!!! But I'm glad you kept these two obsolete items for the nostalgia.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, lerickson62!