Monday, April 24, 2017

Me and Me Books

When am I Going to be a Priority?
     Alright, you big baby...Today's your day. This post is all about ME. About time, you say? Yes, I couldn't agree more!

     First, on the weight loss front: I weighed 175 this morning, down from 217 on December 1. My usual weight, for about the past 10 years, has hovered around 207 or so. In 2016, I gained 10 pounds, which prompted me to go on a diet. As of this morning, that was 42 pounds ago. It's been easy and I don't see why I couldn't lose 10 more.
     In my day job, I draw steel. Yeah, I know. Not very glamorous. I've been doing this for 27 years. Here's my latest project, one of the largest I've ever done.

     All that steel there? That's mine. I prepared the fabrication drawings for the steel shop. Also the plans that show the guys in the field how it all fits together. Just so you know...

But Enough About Me! What Do You Think About What I'm Reading?
      I finished Spirit Lake. I'll write a review of it one of these days. I was a little disappointed with the work as a whole, but enjoyed the journey enough to order this (which has just arrived):

     Also, on its way from England (Be careful when you order a used book; sometimes the vendor doesn't make clear where they are located):

     A little light reading, both of them. I read Andersonville years ago and loved it. I've always wanted to read Gulag. It was on my bucket list.
     Also on my nightstand:
     I shouldn't buy so many books at one time. Now, I'm torn as to what to start next. I think I'll go with my two bucket list books: Gulag and Zhivago. Make it a Russian theme. I already know the opening of the Pacific War inside and out, but Toll's book is the first of a trilogy that I want to read. Start at the beginning, I say. I've read a bit of Frontier Regulars and really like it, too. But Rooskies, to the front! Everyone else, form an orderly line....